Writing Developmental Strategies

Emergent Writer  

  • draws a picture to tell a story
  • understands that writing is communication in written form
  • uses scribble writing and symbol writing
  • uses left to right progression
  • uses initial consonants  
  • uses spaces between words
  • selects writing topics
  • tells a story or "reads" writing to others

Early Writer 

  • uses invented spelling
  • uses initial and final consonants
  • places vowels correctly in words
  • uses many high-frequency words as he/she writes
  • creates a title for his/her story has a beginning, middle, and end in his/her story
  • begins using dialogue
  • uses capitals and periods
  • begins using editing and identifies misspelled words
  • uses environment as a resource for spelling correctly and writing ideas

Fluent Writer 

  • develops parts of the story
  • understands knowledge about topics
  • runs topics throughout entire story      
  • adds details to the story
  • writes paragraphs
  • uses word endings
  • uses punctuation such as question mark, comma, exclamation mark, and quotation marks.
  • initiates the editing process