Weather-Related Delay/Cancellation/Emergency Condition

The district may close schools because of bad weather or emergency conditions.  When such conditions exist,
the superintendent will make the official decision concerning the closing of the district's facilities.  When it
becomes necessary to open late or to release students early, an electronic School Reach information blast will
go out, and the following radio and television stations will be notified by school officials:

KLVT AM Radio   Levelland     Dial 1230
KLLL    (Lubbock) FM 96.3
KRLB   (Lubbock) FM 99.5
KCBD   (Lubbock) Channel 11
KLBK   (Lubbock) Channel 13
KMAC  (Lubbock) Channel 28
KJTV Fox (Lubbock) Channel 34