Monday, August 18, 2014
Staff Development-Workday
Tuesday, August 19, 2014
Staff Development-Workday
Wednesday, August 20, 2014
Staff Development-Workday
Thursday, August 21, 2014
Staff Development-Workday
Friday, August 22, 2014
Staff Development-Workday
Monday, August 25, 2014
First Day of School
Friday, August 29, 2014
Early Dismissal
Monday, September 01, 2014
Elementary Office
 9am to 12pm
Thursday, June 5th

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The Sundown Mission - "Excellence! Whatever it Takes!!"

It is the mission of the Sundown Independent School District for our students to acquire critical academic and lifelong learning skills. Preparing our children to be productive in a changing future necessitates an excellent education system that involves parents and community members in the education and character development of all students. Our system must be characterized by the highest levels of quality. Accountability must be maintained for demonstrated results and continuous improvement.
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