5th Grade Students Take a Trip to Lubbock Symphony Orchestra

Sundown Elementary's 5th grade students took a break from the classroom and traveled  to Lubbock for the Symphony Orchestra titled, “Imagine a Musical Moment.” The 5th grade students left after lunch on Wednesday, November 6, and enjoyed an afternoon of music and culture. Tristan Wisdom commented, “It was a blast, and that it was really interesting to hear music played like that!” Sponsor and 5th grade teacher Diana Hernandez said, “It was a great experience for the kids. They had to dress nice and were on their best Roughneck behavior. The maestro, the main leader of the band, made it funny for the students, and very engaging for the students.” For over six consecutive years, the 5th grade class has been going to Lubbock’s Symphony Orchestra. Overall, the 5th grade class said they had so much fun at the musical and would love to go again!