Rougnecks vs. Panthers for Bi-District

This Friday afternoon, the #36 Sundown Roughnecks are taking on the #14 Panhandle Panthers on November 15 at Kimbrough Stadium in Canyon Texas at 4:00. The Roughnecks are going into the playoffs 6-4 after coming up short against the New Deal Lions last week. The Roughnecks are looking to come out with a win over Panhandle to advance into the second round of the playoffs. The Roughnecks offense is hoping to run and pass the ball up and down the field, while getting help from the Roughnecks defense as they try to shut down the Panthers and turn the ball back over to the team in red and blue. “The game plan going into this week is going to be simple, and that is just to execute plays on offense and stop the run and pass on defense,” reported Coach Newton. This Friday’s game is going to be an exciting one as the Roughnecks are hoping to come out with the win over the Panthers and advance into the playoffs to play the winner of Lindsay and Winters. This Friday, come out and support the Sundown Roughnecks at Kimbrough Stadium. All of Sundown ISD is released at noon in order to make the trip. The send off is at the elementary playground at 10:45. In words of Mr. Mike Motheral, “ It’s always a great day to be a Sundown Roughneck.” GO ROUGHNECKS!!! BEAT THE PANTHERS!!!!