Roughnecks Clip the Eagles in District Play

Last Friday on January 31, the Sundown Roughnecks played the Seagraves Eagles in a district matchup on our home court. The Roughnecks went into the game 3-0 in district and Seagraves went into the game 0-3. The boys played an outstanding game against a team that came into the game hungry for a district win.

In the first quarter, the Roughnecks started out the game strong. Carson Boggs connected with two field goals, and Omar Lopez dropped in the first 3 of the night. Michael Ojeda played a great first quarter by sinking in a 3 and connecting with two field goals. Gus Davis also contributed points in the first by making a 2 point bucket. At the end of the first quarter the score was 16-11, with the Roughnecks on top.

In the second quarter, the Roughnecks also came out strong and eager to add to their lead. Michael Ojeda drilled in a two pointer. Brice Legan sunk in a 3 pointer and made two free throw shots to extend the lead for the Roughnecks. Gus Davis extended out the lead even more by scoring 6 points. The Roughnecks played a strong first half with the score being 29-18, with the Roughnecks being on top. 

At the start of the second half, the Roughnecks struggled to put points up, but so did the Eagles. In the third quarter the Roughnecks only put up 5 points. Those points coming from Michael Ojeda, Brice Legan, and Carson Holson. The Eagles also struggled in the third. The Eagles put up 2 more points than the Roughnecks. At the end of the third the score was 34-25, with the Roughnecks holding onto the lead, with 8 minutes left in the game to play.

In the 4th and final quarter, the Roughnecks got back into gear to finish off the game. Carson Boggs drilled in a two pointer and made a free throw. Brice Legan drained a 3 pointer and two point bucket to extend the lead for the Roughnecks. Gus Davis also extended the lead by putting up 4 points. At the final buzzer the fans cheered on the Roughnecks as they beat the Eagles to move into 4-0 in district. “The kids played a great game and never lost the lead and I’m proud of them for that,” said a pleased Coach Igo. “Our offense and defense was great, but I feel like we can improve more going further into district,” said Coach Igo. 

The Roughnecks continue to improve each week as district goes on. GO SHS!