Levelland Powerlifting Meet - SHS Girls

The Roughette Powerlifting team traveled to Levelland on Saturday, February the 8th. Weigh in started at 6:30 that morning, and everyone of the lifters made weight, which started off the morning well. The actual lifting part started at 9 a.m. A few girls missed their opening squat, but were quick to make it on their second time around. The top 5 places in each weight class were awarded medals. In total there were 6 Roughettes who received a medal out of the 12 girls who went to the meet. 

In the 123’s weight class Micaela Hernandez placed 2nd with a squat of 260, bench of 110, and a deadlift of 275 pounds. Idaly Maldonaldo placed 5th with a squat of 175, bench of 115, and a deadlift of 230 pounds. In the 148 weight class, Cecilia Lopez placed 2nd with a squat of 295, bench of 150, and a deadlift of 310 pounds. In the 165’s, Bergundi Hoover placed 5th with a squat of 215, bench of 155, and a deadlift of 240. In the 198’s Revee Caranza placed 2nd with a squat of 340, bench of 145, and a deadlift of 340 pounds. In the 259 weight class, Katie Sehon placed 3rd with a squat of 295, bench of 95, and a deadlift of 305 pounds. 

Overall, the girls team placed 4th. Awesome Job to all of the girls who competed to the best of their ability on Saturday!!! The next meet will be a boys only meet in Slaton on Thursday, February the 18th. Good luck SHS!