Senior Spotlight - Samantha Rodriguez

Samantha Rodriguez, from the Class of 2021, started her school career here at Sundown ISD when she entered the 3-year-old program. Sammie loved her elementary years and her favorite memory was when she got to play outside during recess. Throughout her years in Sundown she has continued to make funny memories with friends, such as in middle school when Katie broke the desk in Coach Legan's class. Moving into high school she made new friends and continued to have great times with lots of laughs; her favorite memory during her high school years was just getting to be around all of her friends and getting through SHS with all of them. She had lots of fun in other activities at Sundown such as Band, track, and basketball. She had lots of classes but she says her favorite class was plant and soil science. When she graduates from Sundown she plans on studying Animal science at SPC.