Senior Spotlight - Autumn Rowland

Autumn Rowland became a Roughneck in 1st grade. Her favorite memory from elementary school was when she stole her teacher’s phone, lied about it, then said she found it so she could get the $5 reward. However, instead she got swats. Her favorite junior high memory was when a substitute teacher tripped over a student’s bag and fell down dramatically. Her favorite memory from high school was going to all the basketball games during her junior year. Autumn was involved in Social Action, Photography, and Bible class. Her favorite class in high school was Photography. She plans to attend South Plains College where she will study Photography. Her favorite quote is “While you were overthinking, you missed everything worth feeling.” - Nitya Prakash. Autumn’s advice to underclassmen, “Get involved! Go to the games, go to prom, dress up for Spirit Week. Join clubs and make new friends. Have fun while it lasts.”  Autumn, Roughneck nation wishes you and the Class of 2021 nothing but the best.