Senior Spotlight - Lilian Torres

Lilian Torres started her school career here at Sundown ISD back in the 3-year old program. When she moved into elementary school she loved having lots of friends to make every day fun. When Lili returned to Sundown after a few years away, she was a sophomore. She soon started back up with making memories. Through her high school years Lilian's favorite memory is that she has always been included in lots of activities such as One Act Play, Varsity Softball, and Band. For all her effort and hard work she earned her letterman jacket. During high school everyone has favorite classes, and some of Lilian’s were being in Principles of Education and Teaching, being a teacher's aide, and playing softball. One of her role models through her school years has been Mrs. Beavers. After she graduates, Lili plans to attend SPC for two years then transfer to Texas Tech, where she will study to become an early childhood teacher. And as we wrap things up Lilian wants to leave behind a message for the underclassmen, “It’s okay to fall every now and then, but it’s not okay to stay down. Get back up and push forward! Don’t procrastinate and be involved. Have fun and enjoy High School. It'll fly by before you know it.”