Britni Bermea - SES 4th Grade Teacher

Here at Sundown ISD, we pride ourselves in the effort and dedication of our staff. To continue this standard, we only hire the best members for our team. Introducing Britni Bermea, she joined us this year to teach fourth grade writing and science!

Growing up in Sundown, Mrs. Bermea says it is what has shaped her into the person she is today. And she wants to allow her children to be a part of the great system that built her spirit. She currently lives, teaches, and has a family here in Sundown that consists of her husband Max, and her two kids Noah and Micah. Mrs. Bermea graduated from Sundown ISD and started off her college career at SPC, then finished her degree at Lubbock Christian University. 

Bermea wanted to pursue a career in teaching because she wants to help children and youth become successful despite circumstances, Mrs. Bermea believes EVERY student deserves a chance. Brimming with positivity,  she says, “Always do what you can for your fellow man.” Bermea states, “you never know who needs you and what kind of impact you make on others.”

A positive role model for Bermea was Dr. Ayers at LCU. She believes he saw my strengths and not my weaknesses. Away from school, Mrs. Bermea loves to spend time with her family. Some of her activities and hobbies away from school include watching movies, such as Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory. She also enjoys eating her favorite food, seafood. 

We here at Sundown are glad to have such great students and staff, and kindly welcome Mrs. Bermea to the family.