Jenna Legan - SMS 7th Grade ELAR Teacher

Joining the staff for the 2021-2022 school year, Jenna Legan will be teaching 7th grade ELAR. As a student at Sundown ISD, she knew the expectations were high and for that reason she wanted to teach for Sundown to be a part of the tradition once again. Ms. Legan’s favorite thing about Sundown so far is the staff for making her feel at home.

Ms. Legan grew up in Sundown. After graduating as Salutatorian, she went to college at West Texas A&M University. Her inspiration to start teaching came from coaching a summer league basketball team when she realized, “more goes into teaching students than just showing them how to play the game. I knew I wanted to be a positive influence as a teacher.”

Ms. Legan’s favorite quote is “Attitude and work ethic will determine your future.” This quote was shared with her by her dad during difficult times. It helped her refocus and look at things from a better perspective. Her favorite hobbies include fishing with her boyfriend, Riley, training her dogs, and watching movies. Her favorite movie is “Facing the Giants” and her favorite foods are steak and pasta!

Training her two dogs, Skipper and Varro, takes up Ms. Legan’s time after school and she is passionate about it. Changing careers from a dog trainer to a teacher has some similarities, but the new career field has been rewarding already. Luckily she has an amazing staff that is helping her be successful. Please make sure to give Ms. Legan a warm welcome!