Hunter Stanley - New SISD Employee

Hunter Stanley and His Life After High School

Growing up in Sundown, Hunter Stanley knows exactly what being a true Roughneck is all about since he spent his whole life here. He graduated from SHS in 2019 and made the decision to continue his life after high school in our community. His favorite quote is “Speak softly and carry a big stick” by Teddy Roosevelt because what one believes in is important and you should be grateful for what you have. 

Once he made the transition from high school to adult life, he found himself a job at the school here in Sundown working on the maintenance staff. At the same time, Hunter was completing his Associates of Science degree at South Plains College. He recently went from part-time to a full-time employee taking care of the grounds and maintaining the buildings. Mr. Stanley is now engaged to his high school sweetheart, Selena Covarrubio, and also spends time with their two dogs. During his free time he likes to play golf and go fishing. Seems as though life is working out pretty well. 

Staying in Sundown was an easy decision for Hunter because he loves the people here and loves how everybody helps everybody. Showing no signs of leaving any time soon, Stanley is enjoying life here and wants to contribute as much as he can to this community.