Ashley Blount - New SHS Assistant Band Director

Ashley Blount, the new addition to the SHS band directors, joined us for the 2021-2022 school year. Mrs. Blount grew up in Olney, Texas, and went to college at Wayland Baptist University for both her undergraduate and masters degrees. 

Besides her two dogs, Marley and Nala, Mrs. Blount has three kids. Paxton is in 4th grade, Tatum in 1st grade, and Deacon is in Pre-K. She is married to her husband, Bradley. Her hobbies include visiting family, going to the lake, and playing with her kids. She also enjoys the movie Thor: Ragnarok. 

Mrs. Blount was inspired to start teaching after both of her parents were teachers, along with almost all of her aunts and uncles. She loves watching students have “Aha” moments whenever they learn something new. She chose to start teaching here whenever she realized that she had worked with Mr. Mauldin before and could join the Pride of the Oil Patch Band. Mrs. Blount also loves the accountability and commitment the entire district shows to every student and every group. She also stated that she really loves the small community, and she believes that her kids will have more opportunities to grow in all areas of their lives at SISD. 

Another person who motivated Mrs. Blount’s teaching career was Dr. David Holsinger. He was a conductor for the All-State Band when she was in high school, and he brought to life the emotion he felt beyond the notes on the page. His heart for musical expression brought the entire band to tears in rehearsal. It was a moment she could never forget, and she hopes to inspire students like Dr. Holsinger inspired that special group. 

Her favorite Bible is “Jesus wept,’’ John 11:35. She adds, “I am so grateful to trust a Savior so human, yet so perfect.” Mrs. Blount added,  “I love being involved with the wonderful people who are the Pride of the Oil Patch Roughneck Band. I consider it a blessing to come to this place and teach every day.”

Welcome to Sundown ISD, Mrs. Blount, and we are excited about all the things you have already accomplished with the band this year and look forward to the future!