JV Boys Basketball Team

Sundown’s JV boys took on the Morton Indians Tuesday night in a district game beating them 46-28. The Roughnecks started the first quarter fast by leading the Indians 11-1 with the help of Jaxon Rodriguez, who scored almost half of the first quarter’s points. Coming out of the first quarter the Indians came out with a chip on their shoulders, outscoring Sundown by four points, but trailing by five after two quarters 19-14. 

After a halftime break to recollect themselves, the Roughnecks decided to finish the game and clear all doubt of their skill by putting the nail in the coffin. The team scored 27 points with the help of Blake Bounds with eight points and Hunter Clark with four, leaving the Indians without any chance of a comeback. Sundown’s defense held the Indians to an average of seven points a quarter, preventing the Indians from being able to gain the advantage. After a hard fought game the Roughnecks again emerged victorious ready to take down anyone else who opposes them. The Roughnecks will be playing Seagraves Friday, January 28th at 5pm, looking to secure another win.