2022 Senior Spotlight - Bradley Baldridge

Bradley Baldridge has been a Roughneck since 1st grade. One of his favorite memories from elementary school is when Ty sat on a swing and broke it. Bradley’s favorite memory from middle school is when he was moving desks for Mrs. Palmer and he tripped, fell on the desk, and broke it. His favorite high school memory was taking pictures after it had snowed with Gavin Hoover. Gavin climbed a little bit up the light pole and jumped into a pile of snow. He landed right on his back. Living in Sundown his whole life, Bradley has made many memorable moments here. 

Some of Brad’s accomplishments include merit awards for Algebra I and BIM his freshman year. He received a merit award for Photography I his junior year. He got a leadership certificate of recognition this year as well. He plans to take these talents on to SPC. Bradley wants to pursue a career in automotive technology. His favorite class in high school has been equine science.

Brad’s favorite inspirational quote is, “Live each day as if your life has just begun” by Johann Wolfgang Von Goethe. He has had many role models in his life, but some that stood out to him and heavily influenced his decisions in life were his friends. Experiencing it himself, his advice for the underclassmen is to hang out with your friends as much as possible because time goes by so fast. Best of luck to Bradley in the next chapter of his life after graduation.