2022 Senior Spotlight - Chris Castillo

Chris Castillo has been a Roughneck since 3rd grade and will graduate with the Class of 2022 in May. One of his favorite elementary memories was when EJ and Grayson fought over a football game and everyone had to choose what side they were on. Chris' favorite memory in middle school was when he was on a band trip when Gabe got caught with his taser, due to him tazing himself. Then the fun was over when Coach Holson and Mr Evans heard it go off. Chris has many high school memories. Currently, he is trying to build up his favorite memory by getting to spend his last year with his little brother, try to help him out with anything he might need, and try to keep him out of trouble.

Out of all of Chris' accomplishments, the one that stood out the most to him was when he was announced honorable mention nose guard for football his junior year. Chris' favorite high school class is Spanish and Mrs. Ross’ class. Chris has looked up to his Spanish teacher, Mrs. Torres, and the coaching staff as his role models. Chis plans on attending SPC to study Welding and plans to receive a CDL in the future.

''There's two types of people in this world, ones who make lanes and ones who follow them '' is Chris’ favorite quote by Jason from “The Minorities.” Chris’ advice to underclassmen is, “It goes by fast. I know it is hard, keep trying and don't give up. Before you know it, it's a wrap and you're  about to graduate. I advise you to not sit around and wait and push things aside.” Best wishes to Chris and the rest of his class as they graduate as the Class of 2022!