2022 Senior Spotlight - Alexandria "Lexi" Escobar

Alexandria Escobar, who also goes by Lexi, has been at Sundown since Pre-K. During her time of being here, she has made many fun memories with her friends. 

During marching band season, Lexi recalls everyone rushing to the stands because the third quarter was over, but it was only a timeout! Out of all the classes in high school, her favorite one is culinary arts. 

Being unsure of where she would like to go for college, she is certain she wants to study art wherever she goes. Lexi’s favorite quote is, “Ohana means family, and family means no one gets left behind.”- Lilo and Stitch. Her own advice to underclassmen is never wait to do your homework. For sure, that is something all high school students learn at some point.

Lexi, we wish you and the Class of 2022 the best!