2022 Senior Spotlight - Kaslyn Garcia

Kaslyn Garcia has been in Sundown since the 2nd grade. Her time here has been very enjoyable. She remembers in middle school when Lisa Rodriguez sat on a desk in Mrs. Newsom’s class and it collapsed! Her favorite high school memory was when she was in a play for Mrs. Kelly, and Mrs. Kelly fell and they helped her up while she was stalling because she was in the play. 

Kaslyn has had a very successful time while being here in Sundown High School. She has been on the A-B honor roll for three years, she received merit awards, and was accepted into SPC. Her freshman year she was a part of the Sundown High School Roughneck Band. Her sophomore year she stayed in band, became a JV cheerleader, and enrolled in photography. Kaslyn's junior year, she was a part of the student council, who did fundraisers and bake sales, she was a varsity cheerleader, and was still a part of the band. During her senior year, she mentors elementary students for leadership, she helps with Cup of Joe and organizes bake sales. Kaslyn plans on studying nursing at SPC upon graduation from SHS.

While in school, Kaslyn's role model has always been her mom. Her favorite quote is, “The only way of finding the limits of the possible is going beyond them into the impossible.” -Arthur C. Clarke. Kaslyn’s advice to underclassmen is to always have a snack locker if there is an extra locker near you. 

Sundown will miss you dearly, Kaslyn Garcia! Good luck in your next chapter of life!