2022 Senior Spotlight - Grayson Drake

Grayson Drake became a Sundown Roughneck in 7th grade. His favorite memory from middle school was going to the gym with EJ and Omar everyday. His favorite memory from high school was the Apollo trip with Robert. One of his many accomplishments in high school was maintaining the AB honor roll throughout grades 9-12. 

Some clubs and organizations Grayson has been a part of is Apollo since 5th grade. He was also a part of the UIL spelling team his freshman and sophomore year. His favorite class is Mr. Lacy’s US History. Grayson plans on attending Texas Tech or UT to study finance. His favorite quote is, “My goal is not to be better than anyone else, but to be better than I used to be.” by Wayne Dyer. 

Some people who have served as role models in his life are his mom, aunt, uncle, and his boss. They all have helped guide him in the right direction. His advice for underclassmen is to not procrastinate because it will catch up with you eventually. Grayson, best of luck to you and the Class of 2022!