2022 Senior Spotlight - EJ Hernandez

EJ has been going to Sundown since the three year old program. His favorite memory from elementary school was playing football on the playground with the boys. His favorite memory from middle school was taking his brother’s shirt in class and hiding it from him. EJ's favorite memory from high school was when they were getting ready to go to state band and Andy was sprinting down the hallway and fell, crushing his baritone. 

A few of EJ’s accomplishments are getting second in the state band competition his freshman year and placing third at the regional powerlifting meet his sophomore year. EJ was voted top offensive back his junior year, and he also earned the Blue Collar award. Having been a substantial athlete, it is not surprise that his favorite class was athletics. 

EJ plans on going to college at SPC and study business. His favorite quote is, “He who is not courageous enough to take risks will accomplish nothing in life.” by Muhammad Ali. A great role model in his life was Coach Cummings. Some wise words from EJ to the underclassmen is to always remember to have fun. Best of luck to EJ and the rest of the graduating Class of 2022.