2022  Senior Spotlight - Miranda McGowan

Miranda McGowan has been in Sundown as a Roughneck since the 3-year old program. Her favorite Elementary memory is playing fairies with all of her friends on the playground. Her favorite middle school memory was when Shelby Castillo threw her down the ramp while Miranda was still in her wheelchair. Miranda's favorite memory from her last few years of school was Covid hitting and everyone getting a free pass on the STAAR test.

Miranda plans to attend SPC and study psychology. Her favorite class in high school was Spanish I. Her grandmother has served as her role model throughout her life. When giving advice to underclassmen, Miranda encourages them to do your homework the day it is assigned.  "Never gonna give you up, never gonna let you down." by Rick Astley is Miranda's favorite quote for inspiration.

We all wish Miranda the best in her adventures after high school.