2022 Senior Spotlight - Gabriella Peralta

Gabriella Peralta has been a part of the Roughneck Nation since the first grade. One of her favorite memories from elementary was whenever she won a spirit award because she helped clean the stands after a game, and also because she asked for it. In middle school, Gabriella fondly remembers how hard Coach Darden pushed her during her first year of cross country in order to be a better athlete.

Gabriella has received many awards including: TGCA All Star cross country, Lone Star Varsity Athlete of the Week for cross country, State champions in cross country, and being runners up at state in cross country. Gabriella participated in cross country from 2018 to 2020, track from the years 2019-2020, and tennis from 2019 to 2022. 

Her favorite class in high school was honors geometry. She plans to attend Rice University and study kinesiology. An inspirational quote for Peralta is, β€œWhen people go to a track meet, they're looking for something, a world record, something that hasn't been done before. You get all this magnetic energy, people focusing on one thing at the same time. I really get excited about it. It makes me want to compete even more. It makes it all worthwhile, all the hours of hard work.” - Steve Prefontaine. A role model for her is her old cross country coach, Paul Darden. 

She wishes all of the under class men good luck. We wish the best for Gabriella Peralta in her future endeavors as well as the rest of the graduating Class of 2022.