2022 Senior Spotlight - Roxane Rivera

Roxane Rivera became a Roughneck her 1st grade year. One of her favorite memories from elementary school was playing air-bender with the small whirlwinds on the playground. Her most memorable time in middle school was when she and her friends went to a Chinese restaurant after having a good time at Joyland. One thing she will never forget from high school is the time that she and her friends went to DQ after an OAP competition, and they could not stop laughing for a long time.

Roxane has accomplished many great things during her time of being in Sundown. She has received multiple honors and awards in her classes and has always been on the AB honor roll. Roxane has also participated in UIL headline writing, copy-editing, and debate. Leaving Sundown, Roxane plans on attending the University of Colorado in Colorado Springs to study Computer Science.

Roxane has always been her very own Role model throughout high school because she is an independent person. Her favorite quote is one stated by some people, “It do be like that sometimes.” Roxane’s friendly advice to the underclassmen is to never wear shorts in 20 degree weather because it scares her. 

Thank you for everything you have done for our school, Roxane. Sundown wishes you the best of luck after graduation in May 2022!