2022 Senior Spotlight - Lisa Rodriguez

Lisa Rodriguez became a Roughneck in 4th grade and is now ready to graduate in the Class of 2022! Going back a few years, Lisa’s favorite memory from middle school is when Lisa and Kaslyn both sat on a desk in Mrs. Newsom’s class and one of the legs broke. Lisa’s favorite memory in high school was when Idaly caught a table on fire in A&P class.

Lisa has accomplished many things in her career: Academic Excellence Departmental Award-Communications Applications, Academic Excellence Departmental Award-Reading III, High Average Award-Communications Applications, Merit Award-English III. Lisa’s favorite class in high school was reading. Lisa was a manager for the Roughette basketball team all four years in high school.

Lisa’s plans after high school are to attend West Texas A&M University and major in Biology. The quote that stuck to Lisa the most is “It is better to look ahead and prepare than to look back and regret.” Lisa’s older sister, Alexa, has served as her role model. Lisa’s advice for the underclassmen is “Enjoy it! It goes by fast.” And in the blink of an eye, Lisa is ready to graduate in the Class of 2022.